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Initially Maragogi was a town called Gamela, in 1887 it was elevated to the category of Vila and was renamed Isabel, in honor of the princess who freed blacks from slavery. Later, in 1892, it received the name of Maragogi because of the river that bathes the place. The name, according to historians, comes from Marahub-gy, or Rio das Maraubas. Other interpretations translate Mair-aqui-gy-po as a free, wide river. Maragogi took an active part in the struggles against the Dutch.

There were intense battles in Barra Grande and São Bento, when the troops came from Recife to Porto Calvo, which was the place where the agricultural production of the region was drained, mainly sugar cane. It was up to the inhabitants of the old village to dismantle Dutch landings on the site twice.

Peroba Beach

Considered a true natural paradise, Praia do Peroba is suitable for families because it contains a calm sea and for lovers of marine life due to the possibility of viewing fish among the waves.

Maragogi Beach

Due to the bars and restaurants located along its shore, Maragoi beach is one of the busiest in the region. The beach contains clear and calm waters and is ideal for families and varied travelers.

Galés de Maragogi Natural Pools

Suitable for diving and water sports amid the corals, the natural pools offer crystal clear waters that make up a splendid landscape. It is important to check information about the tide level so that your ride can be enjoyed. Access is by boat only.

Barra Grande Beach

Ideal for families or travelers who prefer calm waters, this beach at low tide offers sandbanks that are close to the beach allowing visitors who do not know anything to easily reach the natural pools. The beach does not contain restaurants and bars, it is important to bring your own food and personal items

Touch Beach

Like Maragogi, Praia do Toque is ideal for water sports enthusiasts and is considered an open-air paradise in the state of Alagoas. The beach has natural pools, low tide and lots of natural beauty.

Barreiras do Boqueirao Beach

Elected several times as one of the best beaches in Brazil, this beach contains natural pools like most of the region. The beach contains a small stretch of sand and coconut trees that make up the beauty of the place. The place offers a variety of restaurants and bars along its waterfront.

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